Stanton Studios is a full service production company based in the Washington D.C. metro area. No job is too big or too small, wheather it's a full crew for a commercial or small crew for a live event, Stanton Studios has you covered.

Client Testimonials

Ray brings professionalism and expertise to every shoot or gig he works on. Ray has worked on many sports shoots for me and his footage always looked spot on. You can't find a better man for the job.

Ben Turchin, President, Varsity Media

Ray Stanton is a very talented person with great editing and computer skills. He is very good with clients and always gets the job done right.

Terry Shaw, President, The Media Center Production Company

Ray has always been professional, but even more exemplary than Ray's technical skills is the way he puts 110% into everything he does...all while maintaining a low pressure, fun atmosphere on set.

John Basedow, Fitness Celebrity,


We have perfected the craft of working with any budget without sacrificing quality. A music video should elevate song with a fitting visual representation. We work closely with all of our clients to make sure our projects take every song to the next level.
Engage consumers with in a new creative way. You can choose between traditional commercials or non-traditional video content. We will help you meet you meet your goals and develop your ideas. Your brand deserves it.
Do you have an event you need to document? Do you have a message that needs to be shared with the world? Show the process behind what you’re doing. Live concerts, travel videos, interviews and all things we in between, we got you covered.

Video Editing

The editing portion is the part of the process where everything comes together. We like to refer to it as a puzzle. It is a lot like putting a puzzle together, except every piece needs to be shaped individually to work harmoniously with the others. We are proficient in both Final Cut Pro (7 and X) as well as Adobe Premiere, and have completed many types of projects from documentaries and television shows, to music videos and commercials.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is the "spice" of a video, it includes effects and animation. If used correctly it can be an extremely powerful and effective way to get your message accross. Programs like Adobe After Effects, and Maxon Cinema 4D are essential programs that allow StantonStudios to "spice up" their videos. Check out some examples of our motion graphics work in our Portfolio.

Creative Consultations

We are here for you. We understand that you may need a little help getting an idea off the ground. Collaberation is a great way to develop a truely unique idea. We want to work closely with you to help craft your vision.

Clients We Have Worked With

Rustoleum | Skil | Black and Decker | Georgetown University | Wegmans | Bausch and Lomb | | The Brewers Association | National Crime Prevention Council | Scott's | Constellation Brands | The National Woman's Hall of Fame

Check out some of our work!

  • Rustoleum


  • Skil

  • Red Orbit

Rustoleum - 30 Second Tip Spot for the "Great Ideas" campaign - Spray Paint Technique
In this project my role was producer, videographer and editor. This was created to run as a 30 second pre-roll advertisement for exclusive use on the internet. - How to Make Grilled Antipasto Skewers
In this project my role was producer, videographer and editor. It was my first project that I did after buying my slider. I feel it really adds to the production value of the piece.
Skil - How to Make a Budget Closet Rack
In this project my role was producer, videographer, and editor. Created for Skil brand tools for use on their website.
Red Orbit - Facebook Call to Action Advertisment
My role in this project included concept development, videography, and motion designer. The goal of the project was to get users to submit ideas for informational science videos.

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